Flexible pricing tailored to your needs...

Our pricing packages are tailor-made for your needs. Below are a few recommended plans, but if you need something specific for your online store, we can provide you a quote to better suit your needs.

Recommended pricing plans

Website Only

If all you need is a brochure site and you plan to do your selling on another platform, this package is for you!

$399 One-Time Fee

$9.99/month for hosting & support or P99/year*

  • Save 2 months

Online Store

Highly recommended! We’ll set up a complete online store solution for you which includes your website and a customized e-commerce platform.

$599 One-Time Fee

3 - 5% commission on net sales**

Custom Package

Got your own hosting? Need an upgrade on your current website? Or do you simply have specific needs you’d like us to serve?

We’d be happy to create a custom quote for you. Please get in touch with us through the signup form below and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly to find out more about your needs.

* Additional $129 one-time fee for every additional 5 pages to be redesigned.
** Minimum of $24.99/month. Net sales excludes shipping fees and payment processing fees. Commision percentage depends on sales volume, please see the details below.

Commission details

We want you to succeed, and with just a small monthly commission, we make sure we have the resources to enable you to sell more!

The table shows how we collect commission based on your sales volume.

Sales Volume Commission Rate
$499 or below
$500 - $999
5% of net sales
$1,000 - $1,999
4% of net sales
$2,000 or more
3% of net sales

Add-on options

In addition to our standard packages, we offer the following features as add-ons.

Website Enhancements

Additional Pages

While our content management system allows you to create as many posts and pages as you want, we can also design additional pages for you in addition to the 5 FREE pages included in all packages.

Price: $129 for every 5 pages

Additional E-mail Addresses

While you get 5 free email addresses with your domain name, you might need more as your business grows. We can provide unlimited additional e-mail addresses and webmail/mail client access for you!

Price: $9.99/month*

* For every additional 10 e-mail addresses

SpeedPlus Virtual Private Hosting

A dedicated server located in Southeast Asia boosts your site's performance in the Philippines! Ideal for websites that receive high traffic and require super resonsive performance.

Price: $7.49 per month*

* Reliable for up to 10,000 unique visits per day. Further charges will apply for larger traffic requirements.

E-commerce Enhancements

Distance Shipping Calculation

As an alternative to flat rate shipping, we offer distance shipping calculation which uses Google Maps API to provide a distance from which we can calculate the actual rate.

Price: $2.99/month*

Scheduled Delivery Slots

Take control of your delivery time table! With scheduled delivery slots, you can fine tune available delivery time slots to the day or hour.

Price: $49 one-time setup

$149 annual license fee

SMS Notifications

Better engage your customers with SMS order notifications and status updates, and get your admin notifications via text! Includes Sender ID registration for your business name.

Price: $129 one-time setup

$0.02 per message sent

Advanced Integrations and Lead Generation


HubSpot Integration

Enhance your lead generation with HubSpot integrations. Contact forms and chat widgets can integrate directly to your HubSpot contacts, leads, and conversations.


$129 one-time fee

Additional $2.99 in monthly support fees

Landing Page Templates

Enhance your campaign and get more people in your funnel with landing page templates. We can create 3 ready-to-use, easy-to-edit landing page templates for your various campaign objectives.

Price: $129*

*Includes 3 ready-to-use landing page templates for your campaigns.

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