80Commerce - Your commercial space on the web | Web design, online store setup, ecommerce solutions

80Commerce is your commercial space on the web.

In this new frontier, virtual real estate on the web is more valuable than ever. Not sure where to start? 80Commerce has the answer!

We’ll provide you the space for your business online and help you succeed!

How does it work?

Get Your Space

We find a domain name - your address on the web - that suits your business and set up the space for your store.

Build Your Store

In a matter of days, we can build a basic shop for you. We'll also customize it to your preferred branding.

Boost Your Sales

We maintain your site and help you succeed by providing tools and insights that will help you get more traffic and sales.

Here's a video to explain how it works...

Why 80Commerce?

Customizable Branding

Compared to other e-commerce solutions like Shopify™️, you have a higher degree of control over the branding, at a fraction of the cost.

Lower Commission Rates

Compared to other e-commerce options (food delivery, online shopping malls), our commission rates are much lower at only 3 to 5% per month of net sales.

A Human Touch

We work closely with you from set up to operations so you have someone to bounce ideas with to improve your website and your sales.

Don't just take our word for it!

See what we've built for other commercial establishments online!

We’ve set up a directory of online stores and establishments we’ve built, so you can see what we’re able to do for you… or simply shop for something you need from the wide variety of commercial services and stores!

Not yet convinced?

We totally get it! This is a big leap after all. If it helps you decide, click below to check out our demo store!